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Patrick Evangelista

Registered Nurse - Vascular Access Specialist
Meet Amelia

Patrick Evangelista, RN, BSN, MSN, VA-BC

Vascular Access Specialist & Instructor

I am a board-certified vascular access specialist with 20 plus years of nursing experience in ED-Trauma, Education, and Vascular Access in Pediatrics and Adults. Currently, I am practicing vascular access full-time at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, CA. A consultant for Access Scientific Medical Device and certified license provider for PICC line and UTS-guided intravenous insertion.

Why Vascular Access Education?

Why Naturopathy

What it is used for

Peripherally inserted central catheters are used to provide long-term intravenous cannulation, usually for the purposes of chemotherapy, parenteral nutrition, or antibiotics administration.

  • Discuss the assessment and selection of appropriate vein for PICC insertion, insert the PICC line using Modified Seldinger technique, and troubleshoot difficulties during insertion to achieve optimal tip placement of the PICC

  • Understand ultrasound guidance for PICC insertion

  • Identify PICC tip location using magnetic tip guidance technology and radiographic images

  •  Identify indications for use and advantages of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC)

  • Identify pre-insertion and post-insertion management

  • Discuss the care and management of PICC

  • Discuss nursing responsibilities and liabilities


Become an expert

Become a certified PICC line inserter. This is a pathway to expand your career as a vascular access specialist. Take the next step to raise your qualifications to become an expert on vascular access and learn how to place PICC lines through didactic and hands-on training.



Upcoming Classes
July 13th, 2024

PICC line  
UTS - guided IV
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